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We’re at our best when we feel good. It projects into all aspects of our life and helps us take on the world. Reaching our optimal level of health and wellness now is one way to make the most out of the present, but also make sure we establish good practices that prevent future health problems.

Concierge Medical Services & Corporate Wellness:

It’s easy to lose sight of your health when life gets in the way. Between work, family and trying to stay active, it can be tough to make it to the doctor for preventative or ongoing care. The Wellness Center at Sundial offers concierge medicine so that time isn’t such an issue. We will visit you at your home or office to give you the care that you need. We are also happy to treat multiple people in the same office and consult to make sure your business is offering a safe, healthy environment to all staff.

Weight Management:

When trying to lose weight and look your best, it’s important to know that you’re putting health and safety first. This is why we offer physician-guided weight loss programs. For each client, we make sure body mass index and weight is kept at an appropriate level with specialized nutrition and exercise plans. A healthy diet, balance of food intake, and enough physical activity really is a simple equation, but often gets lost in the busyness of our daily lives.


The Wellness Center at Sundial offers concierge medicine and individualized attention that guarantees clients’ needs are taken care of, leaving them feeling better and for the long run. Because body composition, existing physical conditions, and desired goals are different for everyone, a thorough physical assessment is step one.

Medical Marijuana Evaluations:

Physician precertification for the State of Florida Medical marijuana card.

The Sundial Wellness Center

Dr. Anthony Baldizzi MD | The Wellness Center at Sundial is downtown St. Pete's prime destination for health and wellness. 

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